Our Programs

Our Programs

90by30 implements evidence-based and research-informed programming across all of Lane Counties.

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Roots of Empathy

Roots of Empathy is a classroom-based program in which an infant is the “teacher.” Through observation of the infant and caregiver over a series of visits and the curriculum provided by a trained instructor, students develop empathy and change the culture of their school. Research shows that Roots of Empathy reduces bullying, increases sharing, caring, and inclusion, and promotes resilience.

Roots of Empathy is offered in all seven of our regions across Lane Counties. 

Contact us to learn more about serving as a Roots of Empathy family or instructor in a Lane County classroom. 

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Be Strong Families Parent Cafés

The Be Strong Families Parent Café strategy is a nationally recognized model in which parents and caregivers come together to share their strengths and learn from one another. This is a shift from listening to “experts” to drawing on the wealth of knowledge already in the room. Volunteer facilitators strive to create safe spaces for deep, peer-led conversations about the challenges and joys of caring for children, to support social connections, build self-compassion, and reduce isolation.

Parent Cafés are available virtually for all Lane County parents and caregivers; in person Cafés are in Eugene and Springfield areas. 

2023 Upcoming Cafés:

May 18; 6-8pm (virtual) - register for the Café

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90by30's Prevention Education

90by30’s Prevention Education raises awareness and educates community about child abuse and neglect prevention. We meet the community where they are at by speaking with local groups, tabling at events, and collaborating with local businesses. Contact us to have a speaker come to your event or business. During Child Abuse Prevention Month (April) and Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October) you can anticipate exciting new opportunities to engage and support the work we do.